Local Man Celebrates 40th Swap Meet But Still Knows Bugger All About Cars

Local man John Johnson announced his excitement about his 40th Bendigo Swap Meet even after admitting he knows nothing about cars.

“I just like looking at all the old stuff. Plenty of nice cars here.”

His Dad and Grandfather bought him to his first Swap Meet back in 1978. He’s been addicted ever since.

“I thought I saw the same Mazda 626 my parents had growing up but it ended up being a Nissan Corolla.

MrJohnson enjoys walking around the Swap Meet admiring the colours of cars and how shiny they are. He also enjoys watching Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo and has watched every episode of Knight Rider at least 3 times. Until last year he found out the car does not actually talk in real life and was devastated.

What’s the best bargain he’s found in the past 40 years? “Someone had a whole box of Scanlens VFL footy cards with gum unopened. The gum tasted like kissing my Grandmother.

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