Eaglehawk Reebok’s Officially Released

“I know it, you know it, we all know it,” said Dale Mockcliff, 67, of New York.

Mr Mockcliff was in Eaglehawk yesterday to announce the official release of a new line of shoes.

“Reebok is an elite brand, and with it comes pride, and we’re proud to release the limited edition Eaglehawk Reeboks,” said Mr Mockcliff.

The new shoe features a lack of heel support, wool, and the reversing stability of thongs.

“Reebok has a long history of elite sport shoes, and now we’re proud of our new elite casual wear range,” said Mr Mockcliff.

The Eaglehawk Reebok is a shoe designed for a quick trip down to the supermarket for a roast chicken, a lazy walk around the park with a greyhound or three, or driving to pick up the kids from detention before buying everyone KFC thru drive through.

“Sure you’ll see LeBron James or Shane Warne in a pair, but the Eaglehawk Reebok is a shoe for everyday, everyone, as long as they pride themselves on being elite,” said Mr Mockcliff

The shoe is only available online here: https://www.latlmes.com/style/eaglehawk-reebok-1

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