5-Year-Old Goes To The Hostabul To Get Tonsils Wemoved

Plucky 5-year-old Timmy Thompson marched into Bendigo Health to have his tonsils removed, but post-surgery, he had a startling request: he wanted them reinstalled.

“I wike my wittle fwends,” said Timmy. “Put them back, pwease.”

Doctors were baffled by the young patient’s demand and scrambled to find a solution.

“We never had a request like this before,” admitted Dr Swanson. “But we wanted to do what’s best for the kid.”

The hospital staff decided to make fake tonsils for Timmy. They used cotton balls, glue, and a bit of magic. When presented with the faux tonsils, Timmy beamed with delight.

“I wuv them! They’re so squishy,” he exclaimed, cuddling the cotton creations.

Timmy’s parents were grateful for the staff’s creativity. “We just want Timmy to be happy,” said Mrs Thompson. “He’s got quite the imagination.”

As Timmy left the hospital with his cotton tonsils, he announced his plans: “When I gwow up, I’m gonna be a tonsil doctor at the hostabul and help people keep their tonsils!”

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