Woman Looses Hair Tie. Keeps Partying. YOLO.

She had intended to wear her hair up all night at the staff Christmas party, but Shania Twain, 27, of California Gully, lost her hair tie at some point.

“It was, huh, oh, did we do the nutbush?” said Miss Twain.

It might have fallen out while she was doing the nutbush.

“Megan! Megan! MEGAN! Hey Megan did we, ah, did we do the nutbush?” said Miss Twain.

Sources close to the incident suggest Megan Fox, 27, of Long Gully, was involved.

“We did the nutbush yeah, and, oh my god Darren is so cute. Isn’t he cute! I’d love to get in his sack, you know, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,” said Miss Twain.

Apparently the lost hair tie did not deter Miss Twain from her goals for the night.

“We’re getting shit-faced. Megan. MEGAN. Shots! We’re doing shots now! You and me. I fucking love you Megan. I love you babe. Love you more. Hey, do you think Darren likes me,” said Miss Twain.

With her hair a little misplaced, some might say frazzled, yeah frazzled is a good word, not in a bad way, just a little wild and messy, like it’s having fun all on its own, Miss Twain continued to party.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” said Miss Twain. “Darren show us your cock!”

The wardrobe malfunction did not stop for Miss Twain. YOLO all.

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