COVIDsafe App Not As Fun or Security Flawed As FaceApp

Remember that “old face” making app?

The one that had the Jonas Brothers post that picture of themselves looking old, and everyone sort of thought, “They’re how old again? Maybe that’s what they look like after a few years of touring.”

But no.

It was FaceApp, an app that got access to people’s photos, Facebook, Instagram, location, age, name, audio and visual recording permission of their devices, and gave people back a funny image.

Millions around the world downloaded it, and thus gave their digital rights to some Russians.

Well, COVIDsafe is totally boring compared to that.

Not even as much fun as Snake.

Remember the Snake game on your phone?

You could do stuff like turn, and go straight, and get a score.

COVIDsafe doesn’t even give you points for staying at home.

Come on!!!

This app should be the reverse of a FitBit.

The less steps you do outside the house, the better and better score you get.

Maybe the Australian Government could give a tax break to those with a high score.

At least give people an incentive they understand.

Clearly good health doesn’t work.

If the Government were serious they would monetize the app and give it a real commercial prospect.

Then when its use becomes obsolete they can sell it.

Like they did with the postal service.

The end.

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