Local Mum Who Trained In Daughters Kiddie Pool Is Off To The Olympics

Eight months ago Bendigo Mum Rebecca Laminator bought her kids a Kmart inflatable kiddie pool to escape the heat. Next week she’s chasing her first Olympic gold.

“Due to covid all the pools were shut and the AOC was looking for members of the public to fill spots in the swimming team. I submitted my time online. I get an email two months ago saying I’m in” Mrs Laminator said. “I’ve never had any professional swimming experience.”

Mrs Laminator will compete in the 200-metre freestyle.

The Mother of two’s was able to train by hooking 20 Jockey Straps together and connect one end to a tree and the other to a belt she was wearing.

“I spend six hours a day training. My husband took the kids to Geelong for two weeks during Christmas while I stayed at home and trained. It was worth it.”

Kmart has jumped on board as “The Laminator’s” sponsor.

The Bendigo Standard
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