Council Turns Potholes Into 5000 New Swimming Pools

Bendigo City Council announced yesterday its ingenious solution to the city’s notorious pothole problem: turning them into 5000 new swimming pools.

“We realised that fixing the potholes was just too much work,” said Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf, donning a snorkel mask. “So, we thought, why not make lemonade out of lemons? Or, in this case, swimming pools out of potholes!”

According to the council’s proposal, each pothole will be adorned with poolside deck chairs. To add an extra touch of class, lifeguards will be armed with pool noodles to protect swimmers from any unexpected dips or sinkholes.

Residents were both baffled and intrigued by the announcement. “Who needs a swimming pool in their backyard when you can have one right in front of your house?” said Linda Thompson from Epsom.

“They’re going to turn our roads into a water park!” Sharon Parks from White Hills said.

Council spokesperson Bob Cadbury was enthusiastic about the environmental benefits. “Think about it—instead of wasting precious water to fill traditional pools, we simply utilise the natural rainfall that collects in these craters. It’s a sustainable solution that Mother Nature would surely approve of!”

Bendigo is now set to become Australia’s pothole capital, where residents can splash around and enjoy a refreshing swim amidst the city’s unique, bumpy charm. And if you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon a hidden treasure while doing the backstroke – who needs gold mines when you have pothole pools?

The Bendigo Standard
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