Council Shocked to Discover Huntly Residents Prefer Dry Homes Over Spontaneous Waterfront Living

In a stunning display of obliviousness that rivals a toddler eating spaghetti in a white dress, the Bendigo Council has expressed bewilderment at the Huntly residents’ apparent lack of enthusiasm for the town’s innovative approach to waterfront living – involuntary flood immersion.

The City of Greater Bendigo, renowned for its avant-garde urban planning strategies, had mistaken Huntly residents’ collective eye rolls and PTSD for sheer excitement at the thought of turning their homes into aquatic habitats every time it rains.

A council spokesperson expressed her bewilderment at Huntly residents, stating, “We thought we were doing them a favour by offering them an exclusive waterfront experience right at their doorstep. Who wouldn’t want a living room with a built-in swimming pool, right?”

However, it seems the people of Huntly had different aspirations, such as keeping their belongings dry and not having to canoe to IGA.

In response to widespread dissatisfaction, the council has promised to reconsider their approach and explore alternatives involving less water and more dry land.

“We’re considering this novel concept called drainage,” a council spokesperson said. “We also understand that not every Huntly resident wants to turn their house into a game of The Floor is Lava.”

Residents are cautiously optimistic that they might soon be able to enjoy the luxury of living in homes that don’t come with their own personal moat.

More to come.

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