Pizza Shop Refuses To Deliver To House On Napier St Upgrade

A local pizza shop has refused to deliver pizza to a house on Napier Street affected by the upgrade.

Cherbina Arlo was denied pizza delivery after the store asked for her address. The store responded with “I can’t go into town as I have to drive to Epsom before I can make a U-turn.”

“I haven’t seen my parents since the road works began. No one wants to come to my house. Last Christmas it was just me and my ten cats eating a 5-kilo ham. I’m still going” Ms Arlo said.

The Bendigo Standard spoke with the pizza shop and they said their service delivery line stopped at Lake Weeroona “It’s our new policy” the shop said.

Another Napier st resident Gary Crumpet said “I haven’t seen my girlfriend in two years, I think she still likes me. She told me she can’t get a park out the front of the house.”

Things are so bad for his neighbour Lary Waters. He has been trying to sell his house for two years but has had no offers. “I even took a leaf out of the movie The Castle and asked the council to compulsory acquire my house but they told me I was dreaming,” Mr Waters said.

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