Carpet Bizarre Store still going out of Business Baffles Scientists

“It’s like living in limbo,” said Mark Trompson, owner and salesmen at the Carpet Bizarre, “I have so much stock still sitting out the back for what feels like decades.” Mr. Trompson stated while putting up yet another Going Out Of Business sale sign.

A team of anomaly sciences experts have stated that this could be the only real world example of compound existence. One expert was quoted as saying, “This could be revolutionary in the scientific world. An unsuccessful business that is still going out of business!”

The Carpet Bizarre opened in 2005 to the regular fanfare any carpet store receives. Which is none. As with any carpet store opened for longer than one year it immediately started going out of business. Yet even after thirteen years of going out of business Carpet Bizarre is still operating. Constant attendance by Mr. Trompson has resulted in a cycle of just enough to not go under but not enough to stay open. “It’s hell,” says Mr Trompson, “I can’t believe how long I have been open yet still be about to close up shop.”

Many residents of Bendigo have noted that neither themselves nor anyone they know have ever purchased a carpet from Carpet Bizarre.

“I have hardwood floors,” said Dave, 56 from Long Gully. “I have no need for carpet, and I know no one else who does yet that carpet store has been going out of business for over a decade”. Scientists believe this could be the result of either some form of temporal loop where in the same carpet has been sold thousands of time over or some form of scam to rip off the supplier of Carpet Bizarre.

Still, the sale continues with its 14th anniversary quickly approaching. With no end to the Going Out Of Business sale anytime soon Mark Trompson says he will, “Never get the chance to go on holiday.”

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