G’rilled Serving Mesculin Confuses Man Seeking Mescaline

“They’ve got freaking mescaline in the burgers,” said Tim Shaw of Axedale.

“Freaking mescaline! This is going to be freaking awesome. I’m freaking stoked. Freaking A man. Whoa!”

The G’rilled Family Burger Chain currently serves a sandwich filling covered by a bun that has something called mesculin in it.

“Yeah, mescaline!”

No mesculin.

“That’s what I freaking said.”

No it’s not.

“Give me one of your mescaline burgers!”

A burger is served.


Mescaline is a drug derived from peyote that has a similar effect to LSD.

“Oh man so good.”

Freak knows what the hell mesculin is.

It keeps having a red squiggly line appear under it.

Hard to say if it’s even a word.

Google thinks it’s French.

Might be some guy’s name.

“Such a mellow high man. Almost like there’s none at all.”


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