What’s Next For Marilyn?

“She’s become a friend to the city, and the city has become a friend to her,” said one local.

“I no longer tell people I’m passing the fountain. I tell them I’m passing Marilyn,” said another.

“What’s this shit?” asked a third.

Yes, the tall lady in white has endeared herself to many, and shown her knickers to many more, but soon the large statue of Marilyn Monroe will be taken down as Bendigo Art Gallery’s Marilyn exhibition comes to an end.

“We have literally been transfixed by her charm,” said Eliza Doolittle from a marketing company. “Everyone has completely fallen in love with her, she’s had a wonderful time and we’ll miss her to bits.”

But where will those bits go next?

“There’s immense interest from right across the globe, from Wellington to Hobart and even Auckland.”

Could stardom beckon once more?

“Hollywood has even called with Peter Jackson’s event film King Kong verses Marilyn Monroe slated for filming in September.”

However with Andy Serkis in the CGI front running, and budget constrains restricting other host cities, the outlook might not be so rosy.

“Of course she could always end up face planting in a garbage dump on the outskirts of an industrial estate.”

“But then again, that’s show business,” and never has Ms Doolittle spoken truer words.

For your last chance to see a giant Marilyn Monroe statue mooning a glum Queen Victoria statue, head to Bendigo’s Rosalind Park asap.

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