Cat Fails To Search For Coronavirus Cure

Not sure exactly what the cat was searching for, but i don’t think she found it,” said Bob Freestick, 32, from East Bendigo.

The brown tabby, with the cutest blue eyes, answering to the name of Sparkles, was found sitting on the keyboard and staring at the computer screen.

“It was most likely using cat language to talk to Google,” said Mr Freestick.

The text “fr90n” translates into “fix this shit”, which is a comment frequently heard from cats.

“The next part seems to be some new coding that might be the cat world’s breakdown of the Covid DNA strand, but I’m not really sure,” said Mr Freestick.

Up until now cats have largely been indifferent to global issues, ignoring politics, finances, and cultural tensions.

“Perhaps it was watching Tiger King that sparked some need in them to get humans back to work? I’m not really sure,” said Mr Freestick.

If only the cats would let us help.

“But nobody is purr-fect. Isn’t that right Sparkles,” said Mr Freestick.

The End.

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