Free Parking! Hasbro Releases Limited Edition Monopoly Bendigo

Hasbro has announced plans to release a limited edition version of Monopoly Bendigo.

The set will feature iconic locations like the Bendigo Town Hall, Long Gully Splash Park and Pall Mall, which is ironic.

The pieces will include a mini Cogho from Triple M, a cannon, Chiko Roll, gold nugget, Sun Loong and tram.

Every suburb and train station is well represented. Mayfair and Park Lane have been replaced with The Capital and Law Courts, while Old Kent Road and Whitechapel have been replaced with Derwent Drive and Hercules Street.

Other places featured in the set include the library, the Town Hall, The Golden Bean, Sacred Heart Cathedral, The Universal and Salvo Op Shop, Bendigo Original Pie Shop and more.

Chance and Community Chest have been replaced with ‘Yeah, Nah’ and ‘Nah, Yeah’.

Free Parking has been changed to two-hour parking.

Jail has been replaced with Centrelink.

Local Monopoly enthusiast and collector Doug Gently said “I can’t believe they’re releasing it. It’s a dream come true.”

The Monopoly Bendigo edition is limited to 2000 sets.

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