Flying Foxes Turns Rosalind Park into Unexpected Thrill-Seekers’ Playground

Bendigo’s premier park has become ground zero for an unprecedented flying fox invasion. Residents now fear walking through Rosalind Park as they might fall victim to an unexpected ride on one of the nearly 38,000 flying foxes that have sprouted overnight.

The Bendigo City Council is scrambling to address the sudden surge in demand for adrenaline-fueled excitement, with flying foxes multiplying at an alarming rate. The once serene park has transformed into a dizzying network of taut cables, evoking a mixture of awe and terror among unsuspecting visitors.

Concerned citizens have voiced worries about being caught mid-stride, fearing they’ll become unwitting participants in gravity-defying stunts.

“I can’t even enjoy a leisurely stroll without feeling like I’m auditioning for the next Mission Impossible film,” said James Jameson from California Gully. “I almost decapitated myself on one of the ziplines.”

Resident Tim Johnson expressed dismay: “I just wanted a peaceful stroll through the park, not be crapped on by someone auditioning for Australian Ninja Warrior.”

As Bendigo grapples with the flying fox crisis, one thing is sure: the city has become an unexpected hub for thrill-seekers, transforming Rosalind Park into a playground of aerial acrobatics.

The Bendigo Standard will continue monitoring this unprecedented phenomenon while offering tips on avoiding becoming entangled in the web of flying foxes that loom over the city.

The Bendigo Standard
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