Man Found Living In The Rosalind Park Kaleidoscope, Claims He’s Just Another Reflection

Eaglehawk resident Jim Reeves was discovered Tuesday after spending an astonishing three weeks lost in Rosalind Park’s infamous Kaleidoscope. Despite Mr Reeves’ insistence that he “stumbled upon an alternate reality,” authorities are chalking it up to a simple case of disorientation.

Mr Reeves recounted his ordeal, claiming he encountered a world where kale was the primary fuel source and possums ruled as benevolent overlords. “You think I’m crazy, but I’ve seen the truth,” Reeves told sceptical onlookers.

Rescue crews had to use advanced GPS technology to locate Mr Reeves, who had become so immersed in the mirrored attraction that he no longer recognized his own reflection. “I’ve seen myself in so many alternate realities, I can’t tell which one is real,” Reeves lamented.

While The City Of Greater Bendigo has denied the existence of an alternate reality within the attraction, they’ve agreed to review safety procedures. A spokesperson for the maze stated, “We’ll consider adding more exit signs, but no promises on possum overlords.”

Meanwhile, Mr Reeves has been released to his family, who have asked for privacy as they attempt to reacquaint him with everyday life. This includes breaking the news that kale is still a leafy green, not a fuel source.

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