Flights To Bendigo Cheaper Than A Bondi Beach Car Park

Western Sydney local Miles Simmons has found it is cheaper and quicker from him to fly from Sydney to Bendigo rather than trying to get a car park at Bondi Beach.

The 28 year old brick layer loves the Kangaroo Flat swimming hole “I had no problem getting a car park here, brother” said Miles whilst sun-baking on the uncomfortable, rocky shoreline.

“There’s heaps to do, too, I swam to the pontoon and I brought my own froffs, how good’s that aye” crowed the inebriated labourer. A spokesperson for the Bendigo City Council said they are considering putting in a second bin at the recreation reserve to deal with the increased crowds.

“Local permits are thinking about doing a memo, and after there only eight more bureaucratic processes before someone at management level can decide if the proposal for a new bin can be sent to a decision maker to make a decision” said the spokesperson.

The Bendigo Standard
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