Local Man Ditches Mates To Watch Tim Cahill’s Last Game On A Superior Screen

Local Man and home theatre enthusiast John Johnson made plans to ditch his mates at the pub to watch Tim Cahill’s last game for Australia tonight and watch the game at home on a far superior screen.

Mr Johnson told The Bendigo Standard he spent 2 months building his home theatre room with a 125″ projector screen and 7.1.2 surround sound.

His mates Bazza, Dazza and Gazza planned to meet him at the pub to watch it on a smaller 80″ screen. Mr Johnson hasn’t told them he won’t be there yet nor has he told his mates about the giant screen.

In a surprising turn of events, the 3 men won 3rd division in last week’s Powerball and plan to have an open bar tab but haven’t revealed this to Mr Johnson yet either.

This weekend Mr Johnson plans to show Terminator 2 and Richmond’s 2017 Grand Final win.

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