Eaglehawk Theatre Company Presents ‘Carrie’

It made author Stephen King famous, and the film adaptation remains a classic of ’70s horror. Now the Eaglehawk Theatre Company has announced plans to perform a live stage adaptation of the movie “Carrie”.

Director Justin Johns said the company said he is excited to bring the movie to life for Bendigo audiences.
Mr Johns recruited choreographer Bacardi Brian and music director Reginald Gerald to write 20 songs for the production.

This isn’t Mr Johns first production. Who can forget last years performance of Jesus Christ Eaglehawk and Bendigo East Side Story in 2017? His first production was Fiddler on the Roof was performed at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in 2003.

A local art company has come on board to provide 20,000 litres of red paint for blood with Eaglehawk Secondary Year 10 drama class helping to recreate the High School dance scene. Rehearsals begin when they return to school in January.

Eaglehawk Theatre Company has recruited a couple of big names for the production. Jacinta Allan will play the role of the Mother and Elise Chapman will play Sissy Spacek’s iconic role, Carrie.

Catering and red cordial will be provided by Eaglehawk Primary School.

Carrie opens in April as part of the Bendigo Easter Festival.

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