Local Woman Drops Phone In Lake Weeroona. Turtles Unimpressed by iPhone 14

Local woman Kate O’Connell accidentally dropped her brand-new iPhone 14 in Lake Weeroona on Saturday, sending shockwaves throughout the turtle community. The device failed to impress the aquatic residents of the lake.

Eyewitnesses report that O’Connell attempted a selfie when her phone slipped from her grasp and sank into the murky depths. Bystanders were horrified and amused, with one person commenting, “Well, I guess that’s one way to make a splash on social media.”

The unimpressed turtles were less than thrilled about the sudden appearance of the $2,000 device. Gurtle, a 23-year-old Eastern long-necked turtle, said, “You humans think you’re so smart with your fancy gadgets, but can you swim? Yeah, Nah.”

“We’ve seen better,” said Sheldon, a 16-year-old Eastern Long-necked Turtle. “The iPhone 14 is so last season, and we’re waiting for the iPhone 15,” she added smugly.

Her friend, Terry, a Murray River short-necked turtle, chimed in, “At least it’s not another plastic straw. But seriously, we don’t need a phone to tell us where the best lettuce is.”

In response to the debacle, Lake Weeroona turtles have requested that all visitors refrain from bringing their fancy devices too close to the water’s edge.

Kate has reluctantly returned to her old Nokia 3315.

The City Of Greater Bendigo has reminded visitors of Lake Weeroona to exercise caution with their belongings, as the turtle community has no intention of providing a lost and found service.

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