Bendigo Council Elections: Recommended Whipstick Ward Candidates

We continue with our last-minute coverage of local candidates.

Virginia Bigsnax

I was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Benjamin Button syndrome. I may look like I’m 10 but I’m actually 30 something. BBS has not stopped me from volunteering as a lacrosse coach or volunteering in my church youth group.  As a teen mum, I understand the needs of the young people in the community as my daughter began high school as I was finishing it. My experience will help me develop plans to protect the communities most vulnerable.


Barry Shedsup

I’ve lived all my life in Epsom. Some of you may remember me as a 4-time winner in Sale Of The Century. I promise to make the council accountable for every dollar spent including that $30,000 seat. Seriously, I had some friends from out of town last year and I asked them how much they thought that seat was and I was like “Nah, not $5,000” and after 5 minutes of guessing they couldn’t believe it. Vote for me and I’ll implement a plan to restore the mall to its former glory and get it heritage listed so know one screws with it again.


Mia Ipadsflat

I’ve lived all my life in Huntly. I work part-time at Bunnings. If you vote for me I promise you can use my staff discount. While I’m not recording my podcast I help release ferrets back into the wild. I promise to make councillors accountable for the smell of the public toilets and force them to use them until something is done. I also promise to bring back the Ferret Racing Cup and make it a public holiday.


Rodney Holden-Ford

I’m 39 and have 6 cats and still live with my parents. I may not have my own house but my car is a 1980 4-cylinder Torana. It’s fully sick. I promise to remove mall rats by increasing Salvation Army military spending. I also promise to fix every McDonald’s frozen drinks machine and you can be confident you will get the flavour you want. Bendigo will be known as the only place you can get all 36 flavours. How goods that?

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