Woman Dissuades Couple From Buying a Chicken in Golden Square

“Oh, that is cheap,” says a man in Golden Square supermarket.

The price reduced from $13.00 to $2.80.

“It’s be here all day,” says a women with a price discount gun.

“Look here Dear,” the man draws his wife towards the oven roasted chicken in a bag.

“Oh,” says the wife.

The women with the discount gun says, “It’s very small.”

“Like poussin,” says the man.


“Small,” he says. “That’s all we need.”

His wife picks up the bag of bird.

“No, really!” says the discount gun women. “It’s very small. Almost not enough for one.”

The man looks at the satchel of chook.

“And,” says the discount gun women, “It doesn’t have any stuffing!”

“Hmm,” says the wife.

“That’s right,” the women with the discount gun takes back the bag and puts it to the back of the display case. “No stuffing.”

“Maybe we should get something else,” suggest the wife.

“Yes,” says the discount gun women – glancing at the shift clock in the process. “There’s some good buys over here.”

As the three head to another display, a Bendigo Standard writer takes the discounted chicken and can report it was cheap and had enough on it for a couple of days of leftovers.

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