“Concern for the future” Bendigo – Back In My Day Association


John “Freddy” Johnston president of the Bendigo chapter of the Back In My Day Association (BIMDA) is worried about the direction of the club.

“I’m worried the associations best days are behind it. All the members say it was so much better under the previous president and it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the club to disagree with them”said Mr Johnston.

BBIMDA events coordinator Frank Morrisey said the club has had to cancel one of its annual events.

“We had no choice but to cancelled our annual 10kms barefoot walk through the snow, back in my day we would have walked 10kms through the snow to walk 10kms through the snow but now there too many rules and the pesky PC police would try shut us down”.

To try and save the club they are looking at a possible merger with the local Not In My Backyard association.

“Merger talks are pretty advanced, the only sticking point is their club rooms are too far away” said Mr Johnston.

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