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10 Bendigo Public Toilets Reviewed. Number 2 Will Surprise You

Trying to find somewhere to poo? Let us help you. We’ve reviewed 10 of Bendigo’s best public toilets. You’re welcome.

Each of the toilets categories is rated out of 100.

Lyttleton Terrace

Replaced 5 valuable car parks. Possibly one of the worst smelling toilets in Bendigo. Made worse due to everyone using it after Bendigo On The Hop and the Easter Fair. It’s a waste of time building privacy walls when you can still see in. This toilet will also make you look like a weirdo while standing around whilst waiting for your missus.

Privacy: 1%
Amenities: 15%
Aesthetics: 50%
Smell: -1%

Lake Weeroona

Nothing says taking a call of nature like a public toilet at the park. It’s more friendly for the environment to use this than using the lake. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t stop kids from letting ducks watch them go.

Privacy: 50%
Amenities: 60%
Aesthetics: 50%
Smell: 30%

Park Road

The Shooter McGavin of public toilets. It will make you glad you’re taking care of business in a fancy toilet like this before you realise it doubles as a taxi rank and it’s Saturday night.

Privacy: 10%
Amenities: 20%
Aesthetics: 60%
Smell: 29%

Hargreaves St Multi-Story Carpark (Reject Shop)

This gem is the King Joffrey of public toilets. It’s hidden under the hard to find multi-story carpark which explains the reason the EPA can’t find it to shut it down. Let’s be honest, the Bendigo Council never cleans this. If 50 Shades Of Grey had a smell this would be it. Don’t forget to stop by the Reject Shop and grab a gas mask (Just don’t buy matches). The only reason to go is that you needed a nearby carpark for court.

Privacy: 80%
Amenities: 15%
Aesthetics: 1%
Smell: -100000000%

Hargreaves Mall

This was supposed to rival Federation Square’s big screen but the council decided to take a quick way out and build a unisex toilet. The only reason this exists is that no cleaner wants to touch the multi-story car park toilets 100 metres down the road. It’s easier to build than clean.

Privacy: 80%
Amenities: 15%
Aesthetics: 99%
Smell: 16.9%


Located near a pub, an IGA and a bus stop which explains how the toilets got its smell.

Privacy: 70%
Amenities: 50%
Aesthetics: 50%
Smell: 19.9%

Law Courts

Located at the majestic Rosalind Park, the smell could be mistaken for Bendigo creek which runs behind. Avoid during the Easter Fair as the queues are longer than the dodgems.

Privacy: 80%
Amenities: 65%
Aesthetics: 77%
Smell: 12%

Crook Street Park

you won’t find any drunkenness or fighting here. Looks like a Tardis if it was designed by Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch (because he was an architect). Possibly the best public toilet in Bendigo, which sucks if you live in Eaglehawk or Epsom.

Privacy: 85%
Amenities: 75%
Aesthetics: 80%
Smell: 51%

Kangaroo Flat IGA Car Park

If you value your privacy you’re in the right place… not. The toilets are furnished with non-working soap dispensers which is great if you’re not worried about a simple thing such as hygiene.

Privacy: 2%
Amenities: 5%
Aesthetics: 20%
Smell: 42%

V/line Trains

Not necessarily a Bendigo public toilet but it’s on a train that stops in Bendigo so technically we’re right. What can we say about a toilet on wheels that people keep forgetting to lock? This toilet will remind you who your friends are when they open the door on you during ‘Horton Hears a Poo’. Everyone will find it hilarious except for you. It’s They will still be talking about that guy who opened the toilet door on his mate 2 years later.

There’s a lock button, use it. You’re welcome.

Privacy: 0%
Amenities: 2%
Aesthetics: 0%
Smell: 60%
Chance of forgetting to lock the door: 110%

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