Dad Achieves Legendary Status with Classic “Hi Bored, I’m Dad” Joke

In a stroke of comedic genius, local father Garry Jeffers left his family in stitches by pulling out the timeless “Hi Bored, I’m Dad” joke during the school holidays. The momentous occasion unfolded in their living room, where boredom had reached dangerously high levels.

Mr Jeffers seized the opportunity and unleashed his secret weapon as his kids complained about having nothing to do. “Dad, I’m bored!” his son exclaimed, to which Jeffers responded with a mischievous grin, “Hi Bored, I’m Dad!” The room exploded with laughter, temporarily vanquishing the oppressive boredom.

The internet exploded with admiration for Garry’s impeccable timing, and even famous TV dads took notice. The likes of Phil Dunphy, Mike Brady, and even Bob Belcher reportedly sent heartfelt letters praising Garry for his exceptional dad joke skills.

This wasn’t Jeffers’s first rodeo, either. During the same break, his daughter announced, “Dad, I’m hungry!” Without missing a beat, Jeffers retorted, “Hi, hungry, I’m Dad!”

Jeffers’ unparalleled wit has earned him the title of “Pun-tastic Dad of the Year.” In response to his accomplishment, Jeffers humbly stated, “It’s all in a day’s work, folks.”

More to come.

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