Locals Disappointed There’s No Hoverboards In The Garden Of The Future

Resident Jimmy Carkeys expressed his disappointment yesterday after visiting the Garden of the Future and discovering no hoverboards.

“This is supposed to be the Garden of the Future, not the Garden of Mild Disappointment,” Mr Carkeys told The Bendigo Standard.

“I was looking forward to cruising around on a hoverboard from Back To The Future, but instead, we got a bunch of plants and stuff. Lame.”

Jimmy’s not the only disappointed local.

“I was so excited to see what the future held, but this place is just a big letdown,” said Frank Malaka from North Bendigo. “I mean, it’s just a garden. Where are all the flying cars and hoverboards? It’s like they didn’t even try.”

The Garden of the Future may need to invest in some hoverboards if they want to live up to Carkeys’ expectations and be genuinely “future-y.” Until then, Carkeys says he’ll stick to his old-fashioned skateboard.

As for the future of the Garden of the Future, Bendigo Council has promised to continue to update and improve the garden over time, but they have not pledged to add hoverboards.

The Bendigo Standard