Local man Baffled by Point of Signs along Roadside.

Many Bendigo residents may have been living near them and not even noticed their presence. Rectangular pieces of metal atop long poles on the sides of roads. Their purpose seeming to remain unknown by all.

A local resident of Bendigo was spotted recently examining the strange signage on the side of the road.

“They have weird markings on them and I don’t know what they mean,” Greg was quoted as saying. “They have painted on them strange numbers within a red circle. I still have no idea what they are for?”

Other residents have stated that the poles sticking up from the ground create obstructions for pedestrians and eye sores for motorists. One Bendigo Resident was quoted as saying, “As I drive whatever speed I want down the Calder Highway these good for nothing wastes of space become a distraction! We should take them out and throw them in the land fill.”

Sightings of the ominous poles have been reported all around the city, possibly being erected over night. One possible explanation is that it is an art project by the local TAFE. Others say they are scrap metal that has fallen off the back of a truck. For now we may never know their true purpose.

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