Wife Divorces Husband After He Won’t Stop Farting In Bed

A couple from California Gully has decided to call it quits after 12 years after a woman got frustrated with her husband’s constant farting in bed.

“At first it was funny and cute, now it’s just nauseating” said Erin Gobb.” Her husband Matthew has a different story “When she does it I can’t say anything. When I do it, its World War 3. She knew what she was getting into when we married.”

Matthew has seen many Doctors and Gastroenterologists. They are unable to help. “The only thing the Doctors could do is give me a medical certificate” said Matthew.

Two weeks ago he was accused of farting in his sleep so loudly it woke the dog and set off the car alarm. Turns out the car alarm was caused by an unrelated issue.

The last straw was when he sharted the bed during their 11th anniversary on the weekend and made to leave. He is currently living in his Honda Civic with stuck windows.

The Bendigo Standard
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