Grown Adult Still Pees At Urinals With His Pants All The Way Down

Known for his unconventional approach to using urinals, Todd McCoy, 40, continues to pee with his pants dropped down to his ankles, a method typically associated with kindergarteners.

“I walked in, and Todd was there standing with his pants around his ankles, like a toddler”, said disturbed onlooker Tom Larson. “What a weird mofo.”

Todd remains unapologetic and even proud of his distinctive bathroom behaviour. “Why should I change? It’s comfortable and freeing,” McCoy declared in an exclusive interview. Plus, it saves me from having to fiddle with zippers and buttons.”

Local psychologists are baffled but intrigued by Todd’s unwavering commitment to his childhood habit. Dr Emily Richards, a behavioural specialist, weighed in on the phenomenon. “It’s an extraordinary case of regression. While most adults move past such behaviours, he found a way to incorporate them into his adult life. My professional opinion is that Todd is a weird mofo.”

Despite reactions, Todd’s unusual urinal etiquette has garnered him a small but dedicated following. A Facebook group, “Drop ‘Em Like Todd,” boasts over five members and celebrates his unapologetic life approach.

The Bendigo Standard