Council sells Bendigo creek bluestones to build Trump’s border wall

A historic agreement between the city of Greater Bendigo and the U.S. government was signed today. Bendigo council announced that the U.S. government would use the bluestone bricks on Trump’s border wall.

At a press conference early this morning in Australia, Trump said: “Australia and New Zealand have always been great allies to the U.S. The bluestones are great; they’re fantastic.”

A Bendigo council spokesperson said, “Instead of a drain, we want to turn it into something future generations can enjoy, like a garden or a walking path. What’s so enjoyable about a drain?”

The bluestones were selected because they are of high quality and rank highly on the Rock Quality Designation scale (RQD).

The undisclosed amount will be used towards creek upgrades, rebuilding the mall and making Long Gully great again.

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