Your Horoscope – Week Of March 4, 2024

Here’s our guide to what the stars have in store for YOU!


March 21 to April 19

Congratulations, Aries! This week, the universe has decided to grace you with its presence as if eagerly awaiting your stellar performance. Your unparalleled brilliance might blind those around you, so wear sunglasses indoors. Your impatience will surely pay off, or at least that’s what you’ll tell yourself. Remember, not everyone can keep up with your extraordinary pace of existence. Buy a horse named Geoff.

Lucky Colour: Gold (because you’re worth your weight in it).


April 20 to May 20

Ah, Taurus, your stubbornness is truly an inspiration to us all. This week, the cosmos suggests you continue digging your heels in on matters of no consequence. Your determination to prove a point, even when there isn’t one, will undoubtedly win you the admiration of no one in particular. Keep being the immovable force you believe yourself to be.

Lucky Colour: Snack-aisle Yellow


May 21 to June 20

Oh, Gemini, the stars are aligning just for you! Your indecisiveness will reach new heights, and people will marvel at your ability to pause between options. Who needs clarity anyway? Embrace the chaos because making up your mind is so last century. The universe applauds your commitment to keeping everyone guessing.

Lucky Colour: Rainbow (because choosing just one would be too mainstream).


June 21 to July 22

This week, Cancer, your oversensitivity will be your superpower. Expect to feel slighted by the most innocent remarks and let your emotions run wild. Your ability to turn a simple conversation into a dramatic soap opera is unmatched. Remember, the world revolves around your feelings; everyone else is just a supporting character in your emotional saga.

Lucky Colour: Pink (because it’s the colour of your perpetually bruised ego).


July 23 to August 22

Ah, Leo, the spotlight follows you everywhere you go. This week, revel in the attention you’ll undoubtedly receive for being you. Your charisma knows no bounds, and people can’t help but be captivated by your self-proclaimed greatness. Just be sure to take plenty of selfies to document your fabulousness.

Lucky Colour: Red (because you’re always seeing it when you look in the mirror).


August 23 to September 22

This week, Virgo, your perfectionism will reach new heights. Every detail must be meticulously scrutinized and critiqued, especially by you. Remember, if something isn’t done your way, it’s probably not worth doing. The universe bows to your impeccable standards, or at least that’s what you’ll tell yourself as you meticulously organize your sock drawer.

Lucky Colour: White (because it’s the colour of perfection, obviously).


September 23 to October 22

Balance is overrated, Libra. This week, embrace your indecisiveness and let the scales tip in whichever direction the wind blows. Who needs equilibrium when you can have the thrill of unpredictability? Enjoy the chaos you bring into the lives of those lucky enough to be around you.

Lucky Colour: Kaleidoscope because your life is a colourful whirlwind of unpredictability.


October 23 to November 21

Secrets are your currency, Scorpio, and this week is no exception. Your mysterious aura will have everyone intrigued and desperate to uncover your enigmatic depths. Keep them guessing, and revel in the power of being the master of intrigue.

Lucky Colour: Shadow Black because it complements the secrecy of your soul.


November 22 to December 21

Your wanderlust knows no bounds, Sagittarius. This week, indulge your desire for adventure and spontaneity. Forget about responsibilities and commitments; they only hold you back from exploring the vast wonders of the world. Others may call it recklessness, but you know it’s just living life to the fullest.

Lucky Colour: Nomad Brown, because home is where you park your adventurous spirit.


December 22 to January 19

As the responsible and disciplined Capricorn that you are, this week will be all about achieving your goals and maintaining your impeccable reputation. Remember, not everyone can live up to your high standards, and that’s their problem, not yours. Keep climbing that mountain of success.

Lucky Colour: Corporate Gray because success looks best in a professional shade.


January 20 to February 18

Oh, the joys of being the eccentric rebel, Aquarius. Your uniqueness will shine even brighter this week as you embrace your avant-garde ideas and unconventional approach to life. Who needs to conform when you can stand out in all your quirky glory?

Lucky Colour: Electric Blue, because ordinary colours can’t capture your extraordinary essence.


February 19 to March 20

Your dreamy nature will be on full display this week, Pisces. Dive deep into your imagination and let reality take a back seat. After all, who needs to face the real world when your fantasies are so much more captivating? Don’t let practicality dull the sparkle of your dreams. Buy a shetland pony named Cheeto.

Lucky Colour: Fantasy Pink, because your world is a whimsical wonderland of your own creation.

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