Local Man Angry There’s No Bunnings In Eaglehawk

By on August 17, 2018
Life's a Sausage Fest With Bunnings Snags

Local man is literally spewing after receiving a letter from Bunnings. He is angry there are no plans to build a Bunnings in Eaglehawk.

Jim Erikson said “I’m sick of driving 10 minutes to the Epsom store just to grab a Bunnings Snag. They’re cold by the time I get home.”

When approached by The Bendigo Standard, a spokesperson at Bunnings Kangaroo Flat said “There’s no room. There’s already a big as canon, an Aldi, a KFC, and a Maccas. Eaglehawk is the colon of Bendigo. To be honest the whole place is a bit crap.”

Mr Erikson has started a petition to get the Bunnings Built. “I’m not a handyman. I just go there for the snags” he said.

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