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Long Gully P-Plater Caught Doing Speed Limit

An 18 year old was clocked doing 50 km/h in a 50 limit street in Long Gully overnight.

Sargent John Johnson of Bendigo Highway Patrol was shocked by the incident.

“He’s giving probationary drivers everywhere a bad name.’ he said.

“When you see kids doing the speed limit and having full respect of the law, you know there’s just no hope left for humanity.”

Sheryl Pickles, a 25 year old mother of 7, witnessed the event.

“I was gobsmacked’ she said. “He even slowed down when one of my kids crossed the road. Absolutely outrageous.”

The teenager defended his actions, stating he wasn’t drinking at the time.

The 18 year old was fined $700.

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