Thursday, April 25, 2019

Bendigo News

World renowned rock band The Beards are playing Bendigo on their farewell tour. In recognition of this honour, and in honour of beards in general, the Bendigo Standard has complied this list of great beards in Bendigo. Some of them are better than others. The...

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Wine folk are trying to handpass their elitist persona to the upcoming beer brigade.

“We'll be having none of this North American hops, IXPAL, Summertime Draught Ale, filtered through a watermelon crap,” says Winemaker Festival organiser Sir Reginald Reginald Reginald IV OM. "It's red and white wine we got. That's it!" Yet he does acknowledge past mistakes. “Conceded, some...

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Have you seen this thing?

The Bendigo Standard can't make this shit up. Indeed, we can't report the story better than the Bendigo Advertiser. Their official report quotes Sergeant Hunt saying that it would be heavy to lift and probably need a vehicle to move, along with other gems. Here,...

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